Speaking – JV Buying Frenzy

Paul Stebles speaking at the PP JV Frenzy

Progressive Property hosted their two day Joint Venture buying frenzy up in London a little while back. They had great speakers up on stage talking about some very niece strategies. With Trevor Cutmore speaking about lease options, Mark I’Anson talking in depth about how to own your patch, and Rob […] Read more »

Use AutoSuggestion Daily

Every single day, say one of the following to yourself, out aloud, several times, or all three if you like. Every Day in Every Way I am Getting Better and Better, Yes! Every Day in Every Way I am Getting Stronger and Stronger, Yes! Every Day in Every Way I […] Read more »

Fuelled by USANA

To run any successful business takes a lot of energy, and commitment, and like all of you, I can find this flagging, especially after a hard day’s work in a job. To come home and then spend the evening working on your business is very hard when all we want […] Read more »

What is NET Time?

What is NET time is probably your first question. Well here’s the break down. No Extra Time It’s a smart way to use your free time that would otherwise be wasted to help yourself learn and develop. A brilliant example of this would be to use the journey time, your […] Read more »