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Paul Stebles speaking at the PP JV FrenzyProgressive Property hosted their two day Joint Venture buying frenzy up in London a little while back. They had great speakers up on stage talking about some very niece strategies. With Trevor Cutmore speaking about lease options, Mark I’Anson talking in depth about how to own your patch, and Rob & Mark giving us the latest in the property industry and economy.

On day two Francis Dolley was up on stage talking to everyone about his unique cash flow system, MLWTS (Multi Let Without the Sweat) or as its often called Rent 2 Rent. The basic premise being renting a property from a landlord as a single let, and getting permission to sublet the property by the room, and increasing its cash-flow. With little money required for each deal and a quick cash flow generated by each property the strategy was ideal.

In fact I was on the very first course Francis ran back in January, and Rob was kind enough to invite me up on stage to talk about our first deal in Luton, with a property cash-flowing at around £900 per month. Getting up on stage in front of over 100 people was a little nerve wracking and something a short while ago I would never have thought possible. Just goes to show what positive thinking and development really can do.

It was great to meet everyone afterwards as they quizzed me about the details of the deal. Persistence is the defining key to this strategy, and before long you too could build up a portfolio of cash-flowing properties.

More details to follow in my future article, with a case study on this property.

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  1. Great post Paul and thanks for the mention 🙂

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